Superior Euroclad

The metal tray profile is currently very popular as a roof and wall cladding system.

Superior Euroclad Details

With a sophisticated look of clean lines and wide trays it is available in color steel, copper and aluminium. It can be fixed over plywood or purling timber.

All metal tray roofing originates from standing seam profiles.
Still commonly used today, this style of roof has been around for thousands of years.

  • Original standing seam roofing was always laid over a full sarking substrate - (plywood or similar).
  • A full sarking to the roof area has several other benefits, other then supporting the metal trays. It acts like a diaphragm to the house significantly increasing strength of the whole building.
  • Full sarking also reduces noise pollution especially weather noise.
  • Standing seam roofing, over a fully sarked roof area, with a high-quality venting underlay, is the best tray system roofing available.
  • Standing seam profile also enables more creative design options. For example, curves or customized tray widths.
  • As tray roofing has developed, clip together profiles that can be fitted to purling timber as opposed to full sarking, have made tray roofing a more cost-effective option.
  • Without a doubt if you are considering a new roof and are exploring your options in metal product ranges. The tray roofing look is well worth considering for its stylish modern look that gives you the added quality of hidden clip fixings.