Superior Clay Tiles

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Superior Solar Panel Roof Tiles

Photovoltaic terracotta Barrel tiles and Roof Tiles


Photovoltaic terracotta barrel tiles and roof tiles

Combining the functionality of terracotta bent tiles and roof tiles with modern photovoltaic technology, maintaining architectural appearance. The result is a product with extraordinary features:

  • the typical thermal flywheel properties of earthenware, and those of the waterproofing system, remain unchanged;
  • fixing rods and/or tanks are not required for laying; this avoids all problems caused by infiltration and thermal bridges;
  • the installed by-pass diode prevents any problems caused by moving or unexpected shade (trees, chimneys, aerials, leaves etc.);
  • the ventilation channel between the PV module and the bent the makes the system less sensitive to high summer temperatures (lower temperatures imply greater yield);
  • in the case of a power drop due to an irregular module, the module automatically disconnects to prevent the need for replacement. If you wish to replace it, however, the snap-on multi-contact fixtures make the operation quick and easy without the need for specialist technicians;
  • finally, the system offers the advantage of to be installed on an existing roof, replacing only the square metres required without incurring additional costs for perimeter waterproofing.

Barrel Roof Tiles

Terracotta barrel roof tiles - an eye-catching, traditional Italian roof

bent tiles

About Barrel Roof Tiles

From Italy, the land of barrel roof tiles

Technologies and production methods are new, ideas are innovative to improve performance, but the barrel tile’s heart remains unchanged: Possagno clay and age-old lore.

The synthesis of these features are translated into total reliability. Barrel tiles are created to endure all kinds of temperature and weather conditions, combined with charming and elegant appearance.

Notable here is the wide range of choice :

Barrel tile Winter Bent tile Antique Tradition Line, barrel tile Plus Line, barrel tile Natural Tradition Line. Four collections to offer a full range of styles. Choose the one that best expresses the style of your home.

Marseille Roof Tiles

The Classic look of a roof tile that has been in use for hundreds of years.


Portuguese and Classic Marseille

New technologies and innovative tile production methods combine to continue a long tradition in building and roofing technologies. The classic Marseille format continues the value of experience, revisited & complemented from a modern viewpoint.

Superior Plain Tiles


Superior Plain Tile

Superior Plain Tiles are natural, authentic European plain clay tile. As a glazed or natural terracotta tile, they hold their natural colour for life.

Superior Plain Tiles are often seen as smaller feature roofs at the front of the house, with a classic Marseille tile in the background covering the rest of the roof. In addition, they are often used to cover turrets, adding extra beauty and style as feature items complementing the main roof.


Mediterranean Roof Tiles

Classic Tiles that capture the style of European roofing

Canal Languedocienne

Canalavérou 40

Romane Evolution

Romane Evolution